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Owner-Operators: Ready to Save Money?

New Model 560HE
New Model 560HE

Fast Payback, Continuous Savings. The Spinner II® centrifuge is a high-performance bypass oil cleaner for diesel engines. Used in addition to your full-flow oil filter, it keeps your oil cleaner, makes oil and filters last longer, and protects engines better.

Spinner II oil-cleaning centrifuges are the only proven way to stop soot, safely extend lube oil drains and cut oil-related maintenance costs.

How fleets and owner/operators save money with Spinner II centrifuges:

  • Reduced oil, filter and labor costs
  • Higher productivity from extended service intervals
  • Decreased maintenance costs from Improved engine protection
  • Longer life for engines and turbochargers
  • Increased truck resale value

Spinner II oil-cleaning centrifuges may be specified on new trucks or easily installed on existing engines.

For assistance and more information: contact Spinner II support at 1-800-231-7746.


To buy new units, parts and service kits online: go to Iowa 80, your authorized Spinner II dealer.
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