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Model 576HE Centrifuge
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Spinner II® Centrifuges for Transit Service

<b><i>Get superior lube oil filtration with the Spinner II oil cleaning centrifuge</b></i>
Get superior lube oil filtration with the Spinner II oil cleaning centrifuge

Spinner II oil-cleaning centrifuges are the only proven way to stop soot, safely extend lube oil drains and reduce oil-related maintenance costs.

The Spinner II oil-cleaning centrifuge is a high-efficiency bypass filtration unit for diesel and CNG engines. It's used in addition to your full-flow oil filter to keep oil cleaner, make oil and filters last longer, and protect engines better.

A Superior Way to Clean Oil

Spinner II centrifuges remove both large contaminants and ultra-fine particles as small as one-tenth of a micron (see how the centrifuge works). In a broad range of applications, Spinner II centrifuges are proven to reduce critical component wear up to 50% (more on advantages).

Trusted By Top Fleets

With more than 12,000 units in operation on virtually every major transit fleet throughout North America, it's the trusted solution for engine protection and cost savings.

Contact The Experts

A Spinner II centrifuge may be specified as original equipment or retrofitted to your existing engines.

To get in touch with a knowledgeable Spinner II representative, contact Busstuf, Incorporated, exclusive representative for Spinner II transit service products in the U.S. and Canada:

  • Ed Krueger... Oakland, CA ... 510-839-5513
  • Tom Foley... Woodstock, IL ... 815-338-8880
  • Jim Gallagher... Orefield, PA ... 610-704-5009


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