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SMF-FBC Diesel Particulate Filter With Fuel Borne Catalyst

The Stratus SMF-FBC model is the latest generation of diesel particulate filter featuring continous regeneration with no downtime.

Stratus SMF-FBC is ideal for larger diesel engines up to 800 hp and output ranges from 75 to 600 kW. It requires only an exhaust temperature above 380°C for 10% of the operating time.

SMF-FBC uses a fuel borne catalyst and continuously regenerates during engine operation. Designed with a Stratus sintered metal element, SMF-FBC is bult to last the lifetime of the engine.

Unlike other diesel particulate filters with oxidation catalysts, SMF-FBC also reduces NO2 emissions - a significant advantage for mining applications.

A complete system consists of the filter, plus software, electronics and sensors. SMF-FBC is fully automatic.

Key Advantages

  • Low running costs
  • Easy cleaning
  • Low lifetime costs
  • No machine downtime
  • Quick regeneration
  • Reduces NO2 emissions by up to 70%
  • No dependency on type of diesel fuel
  • Higher engine performance
  • Lower fuel consumption

More Information

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