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Oil-Cleaning Power to Save Money in Mining and Offroad Applications

<i>A range of flow rates/capacities for any bypass oil filtration need</i>
A range of flow rates/capacities for any bypass oil filtration need

Spinner II oil-cleaning centrifuges save you money and extend the service life of your heavy-duty diesel engines and other lubricated machinery.

  • Improves productivity by making oil last longer and
    eliminating unscheduled downtime
  • Protects machinery from wear
  • Decreases maintenance costs

World Leader in Bypass Filtration

Spinner II centrifuges are highly efficient, self-contained, oil-cleaning units for bypass and off-line filtration of engine lubricants, transmission oil, gear oil and hydraulic oil. They are used on all kinds of mining and offroad machinery, including mobile equipment, mills, cone crushers, shovels, pumps, compressors and more. 

OEM First-Fit for 50+ Engine Manufacturers

For over 30 years, Spinner II centrifuges have provided exceptional fluid-cleaning performance, with more than 650,000 units in operation worldwide. They have been installed as OEM first-fit for more than 50 engine manufacturers - including Caterpillar, Waukesha, White Superior, EMD, Alco, General Electric, Detroit Diesel, Clark Bros., Ingersoll-Rand, Cooper-Bessemer, Cummins, MTU and many others.

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