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Sintered Metal Elements
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Decreased backpressures result in reduced fuel consumption
Decreased backpressures result in reduced fuel consumption
  • Dramatically reduced downtime cuts operating costs
    Active regeneration monitors and regenerates the entire system, allowing continuous operation of the machine

  • Extremely long service intervals reduce service costs
    Operate from 2,000 to 2,500 hours (depending on the application) due to a high ash holding capacity

  • Easy to clean
    No need for expensive cleaning equipment and facilities

  • Lifetime parts decrease maintenance costs
    No need to replace the sintered metal filter during the lifetime of the engine

  • Sintered metal technology for high efficiency
    Achieves particle separation efficiency higher than 99%

  • NO2-neutral
    Via automatic dosing of diesel additive

  • Safe and proven investment
    Cost efficiency and effectiveness demonstrated in the field
  • Flexible
    Compact design and wide range of exhaust temperatures

  • Safe for Engines
    Sintered metal technology achieves exhaust backpressures that correspond to engine OEM specifications and therefore represent no risk to the engine

  • Reduced backpressure & lower fuel consumption
    Conventional ceramic filters operate with considerably higher backpressures, reducing engine output and causing increased fuel consumption

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