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Save Money By Extending Oil Drains

<b><i>Dry centrifuge cake collected in centrifuge</i></b>
Dry centrifuge cake collected in centrifuge

Extended oil drains promise big savings in labor, oil and productivity.
Spinner II centrifuges give you a practical way to make it happen.

A Spinner II centrifuge has up to ten times the debris-holding capacity of even the best filters. So it stays on the job longer. And because the centrifuge removes contaminants from the oil stream - instead of accumulating them in the oil or on a filter surface - there's nothing to plug. So cleaning efficiency remains constant over the entire interval.

Multiply Your Service Interval

With Spinner II, extending drains doesn't mean a few extra hours between oil changes. It means multiplying your current interval by two, three - even four times. All while protecting your engine better than ever before.

Keep in mind that service intervals vary by application, engine and other factors. Spinner II Products recommends that you base your decison on lube oil analysis (click for more information) and an understanding of your oil's condemnation limits. To discuss extended drain opportunities for your application, contact Spinner II Products.

Extend Routine Service Too

Regardless of how often you change your oil, you won't have to service your Spinner II centrifuge as often as you change ordinary full-flow filters. That's because there are no clogged filter media to clean or replace. Instead, the Spinner II centrifuge removes contaminants and stores them away from the oil stream in a high-capacity, cleanable bowl.

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