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A Complete Oil-Cleaning Solution

<b><i>Spinner II CS (centrifuge/screen) system</i></b>
Spinner II CS (centrifuge/screen) system
Eliminate Disposal Filters Forever

Spinner II CS (centrifuge/screen) systems combine a Spinner II oil-cleaning centrifuge with a full-flow, wire cloth cleanable screen.

The CS Cleanable Screen processes the full flow of oil through its stainless steel wire cloth mesh. Meanwhile, a portion of the oil also passes through the Spinner II centrifuge to remove both large particles and fine contaminants down to less than one micron.

Spinner II CS Advantages

  • Eliminates Filters
    A Spinner II CS system permanently replaces disposable oil filters.
  • Extends Drains
    Large capacity and high efficiency let you extend oil drains two, three, even four times or more in many applications.
  • Extends Service
    Engines can operate for extended periods between service.
  • Provides Superior Engine Protection
    With large-particle protection - plus sub-micron particle removal - it's the ultimate safeguard against engine wear.
  • Reduces Waste
    Completely cleanable, reusable system saves you money by reducing disposal costs and eliminating filter expenses.

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