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Jun 25, 2015

Great News for Metalworking Filtration
New Spinner II® Model 6600HS Centrifuge Handles Fluids With High Volumes of Abrasives

If you're looking for a way to improve the cleanliness of metalworking fluids - especially in applications with heavy loads of abrasive contaminants - the new Spinner II Model 6600HS centrifuge is your answer.

The Spinner II 6600HS centrifuge is a highly efficient, self-contained unit for bypass and off-line cleaning of industrial fluids, including metalworking and machining cutting oils, quench oil, press oil, hydraulic oil, and waste oil.

It is highly effective at removing high volumes of solids - from large particles down to sub-micron sizes. So fluids stay cleaner and your full flow filter lasts longer between service intervals. Even better, you'll maintain cleaner fluid in the cutting zone for better machining performance and lower costs per part.

Designed Especially for High-Solids Fluids

The 6600HS centrifuge is designed for tough oil cleaning applications with high volumes of metal and other abrasive debris.

Its unique sealed-bearing design allows the unit to purify oil while protecting critical surfaces inside the high-speed centrifuge rotor from interference and wear.

For Any Industrial Fluid Application

Spinner II centrifuges are used to clean fluids for a wide range of machinery and manufacturing processes, including cutting, grinding, honing, stamping,  wire drawing, gun drilling, CNC machining, electrical discharge machining, boring, quenching, heat treating and more.

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For help with your application from the fluid-cleaning experts at T.F. Hudgins, contact us at 1-800-231-SPIN (7746) or sales@tfhudgins.com.

Spinner II® Products: Current News

Jul 22, 2015
<i>Mark Nichols</i>
Mark Nichols Named Distribution Sales Manager for T.F. Hudgins Engine & Industrial Products
Nichols oversees sales of Spinner II® oil-cleaning centrifuges and Stratus™ diesel particulate filters in the United States and Canada

Jun 25, 2015

Great News for Metalworking Filtration (shown above)
New Spinner II® Model 6600HS Centrifuge Handles Fluids With High Volumes of Abrasives

Mar 1, 2015

Model 3600 Excels in Fixed Plant Applications
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Feb 1, 2015
Cut costs, boost reliability on <BR>deck and mobile engines
Make Oilfield Pressure Pumping Rigs More Productive
Spinner II® centrifuges extend run times, improve reliability

Jan 5, 2015

T.F. Hudgins Fluid Analysis
Convenient, economical fluid testing

May 13, 2014

T.F. Hudgins Sponsoring Mining Diesel Emissions Council Conference

Mar 17, 2014

See You At The Mid-America Trucking Show

Aug 26, 2013

Attending AIMEX 2013?
Visit T. F. Hudgins Australia Pty Ltd at Stand #7414

Jun 10, 2013

See You at Elko Mining Expo
Check Out Spinner II Centrifuges and Stratus DPF June 6-7

Jun 5, 2013

Spinner II Centrifuges & Stratus DPFs at Canadian Mining Expo
See them at the Wajax Power Systems exhibit May 29-30

Jun 5, 2013

Visit Us at The Montana Mining Association Conference & Exhibition
May 29-30, Fairmont, MT

May 14, 2013
Learn About Spinner II Centrifuges at Coal Prep 2013
April 29 - May 2
Lexington, Kentrucky USA

Apr 19, 2013

See Stratus Diesel Particulate Filters at SME!
April 16-17
Duluth, MN

Feb 11, 2013
Landfill gas engine (top) and Spinner II centrifuge with pump/motor (bottom)
See Us at the 2013 LMOP Landfill Gas Expo
January 29-31, 2013
Baltimore, MD

Dec 10, 2012

Spinner II Centrifuges on Display at the WorkBoat Show
December 5 - 7, 2012
New Orleans, LA, USA
Booth #1213

Jun 30, 2011
Visit Spinner II at Longwall USA!
Spinner II Products Booth #104

Feb 23, 2011

Spinner CP™ Systems
Pump-Assisted Centrifuges for Fluid-Cleaning Applications

Jun 1, 2010

Distributor Inquiries Welcome for Trucking & Industrial Markets!

Jun 1, 2010

Service & Installation Bulletins On-Line
View or download installation instructions, parts lists and service guidelines

Jun 1, 2010
Engine OEM's Install Spinner II
Centrifuges now installed as original equipment on selected MTU and GE engines

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