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How the Centrifuge Works

Spinner II centrifuges generate centrifugal force 2,000 times greater than gravity. This force extracts solid contaminants from the fluid stream and stores them as a dense, solid cake in a cleanable rotor.


Centrifuge Operation 

  1.  Dirty fluid is pumped into the separation chamber at 60-70 psi, flowing up through a hollow spindle.

  2. Fluid enters a spinning rotor, where centrifugal force separates contaminants from the oil.

  3. Contaminants accumulate on the rotor surface as a solid cake.

  4. Clean oil exits from tangentially opposed, twin nozzles in the rotor base. The force of  pressurized oil exiting the rotor through the two nozzles causes the rotor to spin at high rpm's, generating centrifugal force.

  5. Clean fluid returns to the sump/reservoir from the level control base.

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