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Which DPF is Right for You?

T.F. Hudgins offers the expertise to determine the optimal diesel particulate filter for your unique requirments. To provide the basic information for your application, please complete and submit the Equipment Survey Sheet below.

Once we receive your information, dpf specialists from T.F. Hudgins will work with you and arrange for installation of a data logging device on your exhaust system.

Data loggers capture and record detailed pressure and temperature information. The data logger provides information to ensure a thorough, accurate evaluation and specification of the optimal dpf system for your application. 

If you have any questions or would prefer to discuss the input for your application, please contact your local T.F. Hudgins representative or call 713-682-3651.

Equipment Survey Sheet

Application Information
Equipment Manufacturer
Equipment Model
Equipment Type
Engine Manufacturer
Engine Model
Emission Classification (Tier)
Fuel Classification
(Bio, ULSD, etc.)
Muffler/Existing DPF System
Rated Power
Speed @ Rated Power
Injection Type
N/A Charge Air Turbocharged
Is Engine Intercooled?
Yes No
Exhaust Gas Temp.
(Maximum) (Minimum)
Max Allowable Backpressure
With After-treatment
Equipped w/Exhaust
Gas Recirculation
Yes No
Power Supply Voltage
Engine Displacement
Other Comments or
Special Requests?
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