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Spinner CP™ Systems

<b><i>Pump-assisted centrifuge package</i></b>
Pump-assisted centrifuge package
Spinner II centrifuges are highly efficient, self-contained, fluid-cleaning units for bypass and off-line filtration of engine lubricants, gear oils, machining fluids, hydraulic oils, quench oils and other industrial fluids.

Using the power of centrifugal force, they remove both large contaminants and ultra-fine particles as small as one-tenth of a micron. In a broad range of applications, Spinner II centrifuges are proven to reduce critical component wear up to 50%*.

Spinner CP systems are pump-assisted centrifuge packages that provide both on-line and off-line fluid cleaning for a wide range of industrial machinery. Spinner CP systems are custom-engineered to meet specific requirements.

Packages typically include a single Spinner II centrifuge, but may incorporate multiple centrifuges operating in parallel for high-volume applications. A Model 3600 centrifuge processes up to 960 gallons per hour (360 lpm). Spinner CP systems with multiple centrifuges are capable of virtually unlimited oil-cleaning capacities.

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